5+1 tips how to make money with your blog

Let me start with a shocking statistics, according to Indeed, bloggers bring in an average annual income of $37,073. And yes, you can be one of them too. You just need to have a passion for writing, ideas to come up with every week \ day \ month and some technical knowledge to know how to set it up. 

There are a couple of different ways how you can make money with your blog. Even if this is not your main platform or not your main offer, it still can be a nice flow of income and another income stream into your business. It never hurts, right? 

So let’s see how you can make money with your blog:

  1. Affiliate programs

If you have an affiliate partnership with a brand or certification program or companies, you can insert your affiliate links to your blog posts so every time when somebody buys something through your link, you receive a percentage of their purchase. 

  1. Brand partnerships 

This is a type of income when a brand directly pays to you for advertising their product or service in your blog. Here your income is not depending on the number of purchases, it is a fix payment as a one-time collaboration or part of a long term partnership.

  1. Advertising Networks

This one blew my mind when I came across it. Advertising networks will pay you just to run ads on your blog or based on the clicks when people click on the ad. I think the same logic runs on YouTube, as well when we see ads in videos that are personalised to you based on your search and interests. This is an amazing source of income.

  1. Premium Content

You can build premium content when the beginning of your article is free to read to give a glimpse of the topic to people. Then set up a paywall where people need to pay some money to read further. 

  1. Buy me a Coffee option

Just like how I use also at the bottom of my articles 🙂 It is a form of patreon where people can support you and your work. Let’s face it, launching your blog and producing regular blog posts require time and energy. It is good to give a platform to people where they can express their appreciation for the free information and knowledge that you share in your blog.

+1 An additional marketing platform for you

If people liked your blog posts they might be interested in working together with you. So mention your relevant offers, services, your website and your social media handle at the end of the article so people can connect with you.

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