Hey there!

I am Adrienn Fehervari
I am a multi-passionate business owner. I’ve learnt to listen to my feminine wisdom and follow my interests and joy. 
I am always learning new skills, taking new courses and investing in myself. I am a HUGE believer of life-long learning to broaden my perspective and find more ease into my life & business. However when it comes to taking decisions, I always prioritise my own voice & intuition . 
Leading your business freely, following your unique style is the best feeling. This is what I want you to experience too. 
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FREEDOM is the word that resonates with me the most.

Experiencing business freedom is the most joy, fun thing that ever happened to you. Also the quickest path to manifest everything you desire and more.

We let go of the frustration and stress of following the ‘best launching strategies’ that never felt good for you. 

We are going to tap into ease and flow.

Be radically yourself in every area of your life – including your business. 

Everything you desire, you deserve

You are unique. Your desires are unique. You style is unique. Build your empire on structures and strategies that turn you ON. 
Liberate yourself. Follow your joy and excitement in your business. This is the easiest way to manifest everything you desire and more. 

Why work with me?

I know lots of different launching strategies, business structures, marketing solutions etc. and we are going to work together to find your unique style to lead your Empire in a way that feels good for YOU. 
I give you a green light to follow your intuition and wisdom while we implement strategies and structures which are in alignment with you. 
Your business never felt better or more righteous than this.  
Leadership through pleasure and the sacred feminine energies.
I am going to empower you to trust in your intuition and teach you how to connect with your sacred feminine energies in your business & personal life.
Your life becomes more free, pleasurable and expanded through investing in yourself with the 1:1 coaching offerings with me.

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