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Be You

Be You – to take real steps towards your dream business and life 

If you choose this option, we are going to meet on a bi-weekly basis for 3 months plus we stay in touch through VOXER coaching on the weeks when we don’t have a 1:1 session
This package is the best for you during a time of transformation:
  • at a business launch
  • business transitions
  • business growth

Your mindset needs to grow together with your business. You are your business. Be open to receive more greatness into your life and grow and expand in every possible way .

This is the best option for you:

to lead changes with confidence

to find your joy in busy periods also

to gain clarity with your messaging, niche and your soulful clients

to build your signature system and create offerings that feel aligned, satisfying and don`t stress you out

to make the business transformation that will make it possible for you to live the lifestyle you desire to live

to build a new supportive mindset for your new amazing lifestyle

to experience a supportive, safe container where you can be yourself and you can freely share all your WANTs and DESIREs 


If you feel called to work with me you have 2 options to sign-up to ‘Be You’:

  • Book an appointment for Let’s ROAR – 60 mins coaching session. This is a one-off opportunity to get to know each other and discuss all the details 
  • Contact me on the Contact Tab or DM me the word ‘SELF-EXPRESSION’ on Instagram to discuss the details of  our journey


Let yourself be seen, heard and celebrated

The Coaching sessions take place on ZOOM. You just need a technical device with a camera so video meetings can be arranged. The sessions are 45 mins long and we use all kinds of methods necessary for you to manifest the business and life you desire to live.

The sessions are available in both English and Hungarian languages. If you are Hungarian and feel called to work with me, make sure to message me on the Contact tab.

Let’s Roar is a 60 mins one-off coaching session where we focus on business & mindset & energetics. This can be a quick expansion to reach your next level success, abundance and ease. 

This is a one-off coaching opportunity which can be followed by the 1,3 or 6 months transformation journey. 


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Your subscription includes a monthly high-vibe newsletter, a free downloadable WORKBOOK, occasional free courses and an exclusive membership to a group who receives special offers and early access to my upcoming events. 


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