Breakthrough to your Success

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Welcome to the Breakthrough to your Success 5-Day workshop. This is a unique opportunity to reach that up-level in your business that you desire the most.  
This is a 5 day FREE workshop and this is exactly what it sounds!
You are craving for success, abundance, soul-aligned clients, that new money goal but somehow you feel stuck. Don’t worry. Each and every entrepreneur has been there. You are just at the doorway of your next level in business & life. 
I am Adrienn, business coach & host of My Success Story Podcast. I guide women on their transformation to quit their 9-5 & launch their soul aligned business. I am an amplifier of your success, growth and dream life. I expand your reality to see your dream life is possible. 
If you have been struggling to launch or scale your business, you are at the right place. We are going to look at 5 different things which are blocking you from reaching your up-level. 

5 blocks \ 5 days workshop

& 5 solutions how to come through them and reach your next level success

This 5 day free workshop is the best for you:


If you’ve been wondering how to reach from your current situation to your desired lifestyle

If’ve felt stuck for some time, not seeing the results in your business

If you are a new business owner and have been struggling for a while now to set up your business

If you feel satisfied with where you are now in your business but you know there is more room for expansion

The workshop will be available on my main Instagram account @iamadriennfehervari . Make sure to hit the follow button for further updates and inspiration. 
This is a one time opportunity to participate on this revolutionary workshop because the IG Lives will be deleted on the following week of the workshop and nobody will be able to reach the videos again. 
Make sure to sign up now to be eligible to win valuable gifts & participate on the give away contest. If you sign up now, you’ll receive a reminder each day of the workshop before I go live on Instagram, along with journal prompts, inspiration and good vibes straight to your inbox. Does this sound good?

Breakthrough to your success workshop is going to happen between June 20-24 at 5 pm CET \ 11 am EST on my main IG account @iamadriennfehervari . Make sure to sign up for the workshop so you have the chance to win amazing give-away gifts & maximise your result out of this workshop. Wishing you your next level success, joy, abundance, money and soulful clients.

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