How to start a blog?

In this article I summarise all of the main steps that are needed for you to start your own blog. If you feel like to tap into this new type of self-expression, read through this article and take the first steps. It helps your audience to find you easier. It is great if you write […]

5+1 tips how to make money with your blog

Let me start with a shocking statistics, according to Indeed, bloggers bring in an average annual income of $37,073. And yes, you can be one of them too. You just need to have a passion for writing, ideas to come up with every week \ day \ month and some technical knowledge to know how […]

Content repurposing: Instagram, Newsletter, Blog

For such a long time I just couldn’t get what is the difference between the content of an IG caption, newsletter or blog. I thought I won’t ever be able to come up with that many different ideas that can serve these many different platforms. And suddenly I had a magical point when everything became clear. I […]