Full Moon

To the woman who is reading these lines now and is eager to learn more, to experience more, to feel more.  I hear you. I see you. 

Why the Full Moon?

March 18, 2022
Theme: I am ready to believe more is possible for me
6 pm CET, Central European Time
Price: 40 EUR\person
Limited spots for 5 women
30 mins women yoga & 60 mins coaching
“I am ready to believe that MORE is possible for me” – Group Coaching for all of those women business leaders who are ready to grow: to be more succesful, to have more money, to have more joy, to experience more abundance.
We start with 30 mins of women yoga to connect with our vision, to release anything that no longer serve us and to focus our energies to this expansive experience together. 
It is followed by 60 mins of self-expression group coaching where we open the doors for our desires to manifest in real life. You will feel more refreshed after this event, feeling more confident about what you are creating. 
We are going to utalise the energies of the Full Moon to support us in our intentions. The Moon shines the brightest at Full Moon. Energetically it equals to our inner summer. On a physical level it symbolises the ovulation in a woman’s period. 
If the New Moon and Full Moon would be a Yin Yang Symbol, the Full Moon would be the Yang. The fire. The active. The Sun. The warmth. The light. 
This is the time in our period when we are the most social and active. Our energy level and hormones are at all time high. This supports us to step into our amazon qualities and work with full power on achieving our goals. We bravely work towards what is important for us and shine our light to the world without any second thought. 

Let's Connect

The live events take place on ZOOM, you just need a technical device with a camera so the video meetings can be arranged. 

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