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For such a long time I just couldn’t get what is the difference between the content of an IG caption, newsletter or blog. I thought I won’t ever be able to come up with that many different ideas that can serve these many different platforms. And suddenly I had a magical point when everything became clear. I understood that the same topic can be used in these 3 different platforms and still be completely new and fresh – we just need to re-style them. I show you how. 

The purpose of the platforms

A social media caption is quick, eye-catching, wanting to draw in people. It is the essence of what your message is. It is your marketing platform where you call in people to go further to read your blog and sign-up to your newsletter.  

Whereas your newsletter goes into the depth. You can be more intimate, share the details, share a bit more personal background. Your newsletter can be the most intimate and personal space for you to share your message, your big shifts, offers etc. because it is for a curated group of people who were motivated enough to sign up for your content, to receive more, and to receive it frequently. It is a motivated group of people who can be your perfect customers. They are dedicated. They are interested in you. They want to learn more about you. They subscribed to your vibes. 

The blog is a free resource where a bigger mass of people can read your words. It is not a rapid marketing content like a social media post, it is not that intimate moving share like your newsletter, it is for the masses. It is for anyone who is looking for a solution to any of their issues \ questions. Try to come up with 1 problem statement and deliver the solutions in 4-5 points in your article. This is a free source for people where they receive value, solution, advice from you and they might get interested in your further offers. Make sure to mention your relevant offers at the end of each blog post so people can see how they can go further with you after reading your article – and having a positive impression by you. 

Let me give you an example how I am going to use my 3 platforms for this 1 topic – to talk and share about the same thing but in 3 different styles.

The topic is the same:  The difference between an IG Caption \ Newsletter \ Blog Content

IG Caption:

The difference between an IG Caption \ Newsletter \ Blog Content

& how this knowledge will help you create lots of different content and share them with confidence

In my next blog article I am going to share with you the main difference of the content you provide for your social media, newsletter and blog. For me this realisation was ground-breaking! Actually I was already struggling with the daily social media content creation, let alone thinking about providing weekly newsletter or blog articles! All of it was going back to 2 main roots: one is that I just didn’t know what to share, I didn’t have that many content ideas. And two, I simply didn’t get what is the difference between an IG Caption (because I am already writing long captions) and have my newsletter, then how my blog article would be different? 

Then I had an epic realisation where within a moment everything became clear. The purpose and the role of these 3 platforms are different!!!

I will share with you how in my next blog and this will help you tremendously in your content creation, re-purposing your contents, understanding the role and possibilities of these platforms and even starting YOUR own blog. Does is sound exciting? Make sure to check my blog post here.  

My newsletter:

I won’t write here word by word of my email because then this article would be way too long. However if you are interested you can sign-up anytime on the link at the bottom of this article. 

Keeping in mind what I shared about the different roles of these platforms, I would share the personal background of this shift. I would share more about my struggle in content creation, what phases I went through until everything shifted and the picture became clear for me. I would share the importance of it and what it means for me – renewed energies for my business, helps to keep the ball rolling. My blog gives me a new platform and space to express what is important for me, what excites me and connect with people. It is another space for my creative expression. 

So I make it more personal and intimate. I share mainly about the energetic and emotional shift that made possible to launch my blog and how I can utalise it now. I make it attractive and wake up their curiosity so they can’t help but read my blog. Obviously at the end of the newsletter I drive people to the actual blog post. 

And the blog. 🙂

You just read it through. 

I hope it helped you make this whole topic more clear. 

Quick summary. 

In my IG Caption:

– I hype my offer \ message \ blog post (whatever it is)

– It is your marketing platform

– I share only the highlights of my message 

– I make it quick, relatable and eye-catching

– I guide people further: to a blog post, to sign up to my newsletter, to DM me, to share, comment etc. 

In a newsletter:

– I share more personal and intimate shifts and background to this motivated group of people who already took the energy to sign up to my weekly newsfeed

– I don’t just give advice or provide solution, I explain the background story, I share with them HOW this new blog post can help them too

– I guide them towards my newest blog post and my offers if they want to take it further 

In my blog:

– It is for the masses, lots of different people might bump into your article

– I try to provide a solution for an issue or questions that someone has 

– I try to show my best knowledge, make it easy to read, make it light and enjoyable

– I guide people to further offers if they liked my blog post

If you imagine this one peace of content as a mountain, your social media post is the top of the mountain. It is the eye catching part. Your newsletter is the down part of the mountain (your unconscious where the shift happened) and your blog is the the trunk, the massive middle part of the mountain with all of the information. 

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