How to start a blog?

In this article I summarise all of the main steps that are needed for you to start your own blog. If you feel like to tap into this new type of self-expression, read through this article and take the first steps.

  1. Define your main topic

It helps your audience to find you easier. It is great if you write about the same topic what your main business is about. So you can gain more visibility to your service or product based business. For me the topics are slightly in a bigger scope in my blog but it’s still supporting my main line of business and mission. The topics will be mainly about women empowerment, giving support in different areas of setting up a business, helping and supporting women with different blocks in their entrepreneurial journey. I want to make it fun, enjoyable and useful at the same time. 

  1. Name your blog

Make sure that the name of your blog is creative, eye-catching but still give information of the topics behind. So people have some clue what this might be about. If you pick a name that is totally attractive and interesting but don’t mean anything to your audience and they can’t relate then it doesn’t worth it. I picked the name: The RICH Blog. Because it has great energies, people has some idea what it might be related to. For me it means RICH in ideas, RICH in inspiration, RICH in motivation, RICH in love, RICH in joy, RICH in money. So it gives space for me to write about many different topics and at the same time provides a nice umbrella for my articles because one way or the other they are all going to  relate to this topic aka how to make your life more RICH, more fulfilled.

  1. Plan your first 3 blog posts 

Write out your first 3 blog posts so when you start promoting it, people don’t see only 1 post there standing alone but they have a variety and sense of what it is all about. It also gives you a good glimpse into how this blogging life will be for you. And it is not just about writing a blog. 

  1. Create branding elements for your blog

You will need to pick your unique font and design elements for your blog that you can incorporate on your website too and create social media posts using them. It will help people to attach the design to your blog. When they see the design, they immediately know that you are talking about the blog. This is your branding. 

  1. Newsletter series

Consider starting a new newsletter series where you send out an email every time when you release a new blog post so your subscribers know about it and they have a chance to read it. Make it easy for people to reach and read your blog posts. Insert a link into your email and write a few interesting facts \ feelings \ ideas about this new blog post. 

6.  Choose a hosting site & build your website

You need to go through the process to evaluate the platforms and sites where you want to publish your blog. Easy-to-design your unique webpage sites are Blogger or WordPress. 

  1. Promote your blog

Create social media posts about it, do a couple of live about it to introduce it to your community. Offer gifts to people who share your posts about your blog, get yourself invited to podcasts and talk about your blog, do business collaborations or run paying ads for a while etc. Opportunities are endless 🙂

  1. Draft a couple of ideas in advance

Great! You created your first 3 articles but what about your future posts? Do you want to publish your blog weekly \ monthly \ daily? The time when I launched my blog, I had 20 ideas listed in my Notes app ready to write them down to keep the energies moving. Try to do content batching. Write down and prepare as many blog posts as you can, so you don’t have to worry about it every week.

Well, there are a few other details to consider but I wanted to highlight the biggest ones. Let me know if you’d love to read more about any of the points mentioned here or not mentioned also. 

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