New Moon

To the woman who is reading these lines now and is eager to learn more, to experience more, to feel more.  I hear you. I see you. 

Why the New Moon?

April 1, 2022
6 pm CET, Central European Time
Price: 10 EUR\person
60 mins
The Moon is in its darkest phase at New Moon.  Energetically it equals to our inner winter. On a physical level it symbolises the bleeding in a woman’s period. 
If the New Moon and Full Moon would be a Yin-Yang Symbol, the New Moon would be the Yin. The dark. The passive. The Earth. The cold. The heavy. 
The process when the Moon looses its light, supports us women to slowly start paying attention inward, to start preparing for releasing emotions and to let go of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore. The final phase of this letting go process when we ease into the process of our bleeding.    
New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle. After the darkness, light starts to build up again. This is an amazing period for setting new intentions and new ideas. But before doing so, we need to make space for all of these great new things and let go of everything that no longer serves us. We need to breath out before we breath in again.

Our Mission

On this following New Moon we are going to practise more yin poses. We are going to slow down, give some space to connect with our emotions and create intimacy with ourselves. 

Let's connect

The live events take place on ZOOM, you just need a technical device with a camera so the video meeting can be arranged. 

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