Feel so confident in your natural self-expression that you can’t help just let it flow through you. 

About me

Every idea that have been birthed in you is there for a reason

My greatest break-through is related to my self-expression both personally and professionally. From a quiet and silent girl I became a courages self-aware woman. From a successful – but miserable – finance manager I became the CEO of my own business.

I lead a business that is in alignment with my natural self-expression aka I don’t need to play roles, I am me all the time. I am satisfied, inspired and driven by my work. I want to support you to feel into your own self-expression and live your life in that flow and fulfilment.

My Services

My passion projects that move amazing energies in me

Self-Expression Business Coaching

My mission is to amplify your voice and unique self-expression so you feel empowered to create the business & life you desire. 

We can meet on 1, 3 or 6 months long transformational journeys or you can try a one-off coaching session with me: Let`s Roar. 

Someone out there is waiting to see what only you can create
Someone out there is waiting to hear what only you can say
Someone out there is waiting for you to step into the person who YOU are

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