Business Bestie

Welcome Goddess!
You know what you want and you go after it. You have a very strong vision of the life & lifestyle you want to live and you are ready to take action towards it.
You are about to sign up to:
  • Shift your business so that it serves YOU
  • Create the lifestyle, vacations, habits, freedom and abundance that is a full body YES
  • You lead the business – not the other way around
  • Feel the expansion for what is possible for you to take your business & life quality to the next level
  • Manifest the business and abundance you really want
In this 6 months container:
  • we are going to meet on a bi-weekly basis for 45 mins
  • use VOXER coaching on the weeks where we don`t have a 1:1

To reach the possible best outcome for you to manifest the life and lifestyle you are craving for yourself.

6,666.00 Incl TAX

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