Black Friday

Welcome Goddess,

I am so excited as you are to welcome you on this Black Friday offering. I am a Business Freedom Coach and I am here to help you at one of the biggest transformation of your life – to quit your 9-5 and start your soulful business. Sounds exciting right? It is. I can tell from my own experience. It’s a whole journey with all of its ups and downs but sooo much worth it.


This is a unique option for a ONE time 1:1 coaching with me for only 33 EUR. It’s a 45 mins video call where you receive support, useful tools & mindset tricks for making this shift smooth and radiant in your confidence. This option speaks to you also if you launched your business within the last 1-2 years and you are ready to connect more with your truth and step into your confidence in sharing it, communicating it and embodying it. You are ready to create your first programs and want a structure around it. You are ready to create a schedule that works the best for YOU and your business actually feels easy-flowing, joyful and luxurious.


This option is only available for a limited time – till Nov 27.

P.S. I don’t like to create this scarcity mindset like most pages do. It is NOT a one in a life time opportunity. Don’t worry. You will have chance later also to apply to opportunities like this. You are not late. There is time.  Abundance is all around you. There are abundant ways to grow and expand your beautiful self. 

Be Radically Yourself in your Business

Build an empire following your unique style

33.00 Incl TAX

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