2 Months Coaching

Hi Gorgeous,

I am happy to welcome you on a 2 months journey dedicated for your business – to embody the entrepreneurial mindset, to tap into your creative energies and establish YOUR best practices and ultimately to create a unique system that works the best for YOU. During this 2 months we are going to meet on a weekly basis on Zoom to talk through the topics and processes mentioned in the Business Startup Toolkit and to tap into your unique energies and create a business specifically working for you PERFECTLY.


Actually you can make a decision based on which setup works the best for you. We can meet weekly on Zoom and workshop on your best business setup possible OR we can meet once on Zoom and continue with VOXER for the next 2 months. This way you have more access to me during the weekdays all day every day.  We can chat, brainstorm, receive inspiration and confidence boost from me via voice notes or messages.


We’ll create everything you wished you’d have in your business like your own podcast, newsletter, aligned social media platform & messaging & niche. PLUS we’ll brainstorm your first programmes like workshops,  trainings, retreats etc. And we’ll create a system & automations that will help you to run all these things EASILY, on the LONG-TERM, generating PASSIVE INCOME for your business.


It is a 2 months container \ workshop where you are going to walk out at the end with a perfectly set up business. Your business will be technically set up with automations, tools and processes supporting you the best possible way. You will be ready and confident to wear your entrepreneurial hat and actually run your business. You will feel joyful and ease that this whole Empire is yours.


You’ve had an amazing business idea. Great! Now it is time to actually run that business. Step into the amazing business owner QUEEN energies.


Setting up your business couldn’t be more easy fun & joyful 

777.00 Incl TAX

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