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Soulful purpose-driven Women Leadership

Do you feel the calling to see your feminine energies from a new perspective? To be mindful of your cycles and live your life in harmony with your energies?
Do you want to lead your business utilising the different energies of each phase in your cycle?

Women yoga was the greatest tool for me to find and heal the connection with my feminine energies.
It can help you to:

You deserve to manifest all of your ideas that light up YOUR world

Woman Yoga

You have the opportunity to join a live women yoga circle once in a month. We always meet at the New Moon because it is the best time to set our intentions for the new cycle and release what we don`t need from the previous one. You can find your moment of relax here, to unwind, to release. 

Once in a month I organise a Group Coaching event only for women business owners or Ladies, who are considering to launch their business. We always meet on the day of Full Moon to utilise the activating, masculine, fire energies of the Moon. Here we start with 30 mins of women yoga to connect to our vision, to arrive into our bodies. It is followed by 60 mins of self-expression business coaching.  Places are limited for this event.

If you are interested in these events you can find more information at the bottom of this page or click on the below buttons. 

There are 3 special options to work with me that integrate the methods of the amazing women yoga with self-expression business coaching. During these special sessions you can refresh your energies, gain clear vision for your business and learn how to use your cycles in the best possible way so everything will be in place to support you reaching your wildest desires in your work and lifestyle. 

About these programs in general:

  • 30 mins women yoga to check how does it resonate with you, to relax, rewind, find your balance
  • 90 mins unique package including 30 mins women yoga & 60 mins self-expression business coaching
  • 1 month package:  women yoga & self-expression business coaching 4 x 90 mins


Click through the tabs below to get more information on the different packages. 

Book Women Yoga Class here

The offerings on this tab are only available to women. The yoga + coaching sessions take place on ZOOM, you just need a technical device with a camera so video meetings can be arranged. The sessions are available in both English and Hungarian languages. If you are Hungarian and feel called to work with me, please contact me.

If you feel called to try these offerings then book an appointment in the below time-table. You will be able to see the available options with clicking on the days. First choose the offering that calls you the most, then choose the time slot. Shortly after your booking, you will receive an e-mail with the zoom-link and all other useful information. 

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Live Events

New Moon  – women yoga circle

Full Moon – women yoga & coaching (group coaching for only 5 people) 

The exact dates can be found at the bottom of this page (Moon Calendar for 2022 + you can subscribe to the newsletter where I am going to be sending out the most accurate information)

Two major qualities: the amazon who shines her light bright to the world and the woman who is conscious and prioritises self-care and love.
All of these qualities are inside you. 
Following the changes of the Moon phases help us to realise that we live also cyclically. We have our natural cycles where our hormon and energy levels are changing every day. Once you get aware of the these changes inside of your body, you will be able to utilise the potential of your cycle to the fullest. You will be able to balance the feminine and masculine energies and be that beautiful authentic free woman who you already are within. 
You can register for the upcoming events below. Make sure to check the precise time of the events on the website. We are following the timeline of the Moon Calendar however in case of any changes, you will be notified via e-mail if you subscribed to the Feel Free Newsletter.   

Upcoming Live Events

Women Yoga Circle February New Moon

April 1, 2022
6 pm CET, Central European Time
Price: 10 EUR\person
60 mins women yoga

Women Yoga + Coaching February Full Moon

February 16, 2022
6 pm CET, Central European Time
Price: 40 EUR\person
Limited places for only 5 women
30 mins women yoga + 60 mins group coaching 

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